What Make us Perfectly Unique?

Fair Prices

It is important to keep our shows affordable and its key in you making money. Our shows range from $35 per space and almost all are under $100. So no matter if your just starting out or someone who's been doing shows for years we make it easy to stay on budget

Team Of Promoters

We have an amazing team of ladies that run every event we do. This is something that is Unqiue about us and gives you confidence in knowing you will always have someone to help.

High Quality Advertising Plan

We are currently featuring out events with PAID adverting on Facebook, Instagram,  & features in Minnesota Monthly both Online/Print

One of A Kind Event Signage

We have the following type of advertising for each event:

1-2 8 foot traveling Billboards
4 Sandwhich board signs
100+ Yard signs
Sign Spinners (Day of the Show)

How to Become a Vendor/Crafter With US?

Are you looking to give your small business the edge? Are you looking for shows with great attendance and sales? Do have have a great attitude and a unique product? WE WANT YOU!

How To Become a Vendor/Crafter with Perfectly Unique?

Step 1

Fill Out the form below. Please be sure to fill it out as much as possible and this information is used for all parts of the event.  We try to process inquires every two days. But we ask you to be patient with us becuase depending on how many inquiries we get on a daily basis it may take longer to process all. 


Step 2

If we have an opening you will receive an invoice to your email address. We use square to process invoices. Please pay the invoice within 48 hours or your spot will be released. If you do not get an invoice within 7 days the event does not have space for you at this time and you have been placed on a waiting list. You can always email us to find out applications status at perfectlyuniqueevents@outlook.com

Step 3

Watch for am email with instructions the week of your scheduled event (typically the Wednesday or Thursday before the event). This email will include any and all forms & event details. 

Step 4: 

We ask all confirmed vendors and crafters to post photos of their products in the event page so that our customers can see a glimpse of what products they will see when they come to shop at the event.

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Vendor/Crafter Event Forms

All events require an ST-19 & Contract be completed and sign before space number can be given the day of the show.

The other forms below are feedback forms & helpful Information